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Lost or Stolen Visa Card

To report your Visa debit or credit card lost or stolen, dial 1-800-449-7728. Download the DECU Card Manager App to set spending limits, freeze cards, check balances, and more.

Auto Loan Rate: 24-36 Months Term Home Equity Rate: 80% of Home's Value Personal Loan
Vehicle Year 2021: 2.29% APR 5 Year: 2.900% APR 12-24 Months: 7.90% APR
Vehicle Year 2020: 2.29% APR 7 Year: 2.900% APR 36 Months: 8.90% APR
Vehicle Year 2019: 2.29% APR 10 Year: 2.900% APR 48 Months: 9.90% APR
Vehicle Year 2018: 2.29% APR 15 Year: 2.900% APR 60 Months: 10.90% APR

*These are our lowest rates available. Your actual rate will reflect your individual circumstances and may be higher.*