Your Wait Is Over

Pay easily and securely with your Earthmover debit or credit card from your iPhone.

Apple Pay Card Registration Instructions

  • It's only available on an iPhone 6 or newer. Go to settings - wallet - Apple Pay
  • Once in Apple Pay you can either take a picture of your card or manually enter in the card information
  • Verify CVV and Expiration Date
  • Accept Terms & Conditions
  • Apple Pay then validates the above info with VISA
  • Apple Pay also authenticates the address stored in iTunes with the address stored with VISA (So, make sure the address you have with ITunes matches the address you have with us.)
  • If ALL items match, your card and device will be assigned the initial token. Apple Pay is now ready for use.
  • If any of the above information is incorrect you will be prompted to call 1-855-553-4291 to talk to a PSCU representative who will walk you through the validation process. Any or all of these questions maybe asked:
    • Verify Name
    • Last 4 SSN
    • Recent transaction (Merchant & Amount)
    • E-mail address (if on file with DECU)
    • Mother’s Maiden Name (if on file with DECU)
  • Once validated, the representative will activate the token.
  • If verification failed after calling PSCU, you will be instructed to call DECU.
  • At this time an employee will need to call the 1-855-553-4291 with our participant ID and your 16-digit card #. The employee will then be able to get the token added to Apple Pay.
  • You will receive a letter in the mail for each card you enroll from Cardholder Services via Tampa, FL notifying you of enrollment in Apple Pay.