Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted February 5th, 2016

Three things that you need to consider first.

Author: Lisa Novak

Doing a kitchen remodel is very exciting but choosing your design and materials can be overwhelming. With so many choices in the market, how can you begin to decide what is right for your kitchen? Many people start planning their remodel based on a home improvement show or a magazine photo, but really there are three other factors which are more important and should be considered first.

The first thing to consider, and probably the most important thing is how you will function in your kitchen. Will it be a high traffic area? Who will be using the kitchen the most? Will there be small children using or eating in the kitchen? How much and what type of cooking will you be doing in your kitchen?

Answers to these questions will help when considering not only the layout of your new kitchen, but also how important characteristics of the materials you use will be. Prioritizing material characteristics such as scratch, heat and stain resistance, durability and maintenance required will give you a good idea of where to start in your design plan.

That dirty word when doing any sort of remodel, budget is extremely important. During remodels, it is far too easy to add on an upgrade here or an upgrade there without realizing exactly how much your remodel is costing. Having a budget as a guide (and sticking to it) will help preserve your financial well being.

Budgeting is not only about what you can and can’t afford, but it is also about what makes sense in your home. If you plan on one day selling your home and getting money back on your improvements, there is a limit, where no matter how much more you do, it will not increase the value of your home. For example, a condo that is similar in price to other condominiums in the area can only improve in price so much based on interior improvements. It doesn’t mean you can’t have the Taj Mahal of kitchens, but it is good to consider of what makes sense for homes in your price range.

Once functionality and budget are established, it’s time to think about your style. Is your home a certain style that you want to maintain throughout? Or is this remodel the start of changing the style in your overall home decor? You want there to be a flow throughout your home, so understanding the style or where you are going with your style is the final piece that will help develop your kitchen’s design.

Determining functionality, budget and style will help make planning the design all that much easier. You’ll end up with a kitchen you love not only for design, but because it fits every aspect of your life, including your wallet.