Don't forget holiday gifts for...

Posted December 19th, 2017

While it may not be reasonable to buy gifts for everyone you know, it is possible to demonstrate an authentic spirit of giving to those you love most and to those to whom you’d most like to show your gratitude. 

Your generosity doesn’t need to cost much. Often times a note of “Thanks” with a $5 gift card or a tin of goodies is gesture enough.

Outside of family and friends, don’t forget these VIPs while you’re making your list and checking it twice:

      - Neighbors
      - Co-Workers
      - Employees
      - Teachers and Administrators
      - School Bus Drivers
      - Babysitters and Daycare Workers
      - Mail/Delivery People
      - Cleaning Staff
      - Hairdressers and other service professionals
      - Food Kitchen staff
      - Nursing Home residents

This list isn't all inclusive, rather it's a reminder to be mindful of the people around you who make your world a better place. A small gesture, given with big appreciation, will not soon be forgotten.