New Year's Eve Game Night

Posted December 19th, 2018

New Year’s Eve is always a fun time with friends and family. Whether you’re going out to dance the night (and year) away, or staying in with friends, it’s sure to be a blast. If you don’t have plans yet or aren’t sure what to do, why not host a NYE game night? We’ve found some of the best and easiest NYE games to ring in 2019.

P.S. Most of these games can be turned into drinking games if you want the champagne to be flowing! (but only if you’re 21+!)

2018 Highlights

Get the party started with this fun conversation starter! Download these free printable cards from Alice & Lois and get ready for a fun ice breaker. With prompts like, “best piece of advice you got this year” and “most embarrassing moment of the year,” you’re sure to get some laughs. Simply throw the cards in a bowl and take turns drawing and answering. Download the cards here.

DIY Monikers

If you haven’t played Monikers, you’re missing out! You can purchase the card game here or make your own! Here’s how to play the DIY version.

First, have all players write down a famous person or historical figure on a slip of paper. Fold all slips and put them in a bowl. Next divide into two teams. Each team has 60 seconds for one team member to get the rest of the team to guess as many slips of paper as possible. Then, the next team has a 60 second turn. This continues until slips of paper are used. Add up your score (total number guessed) and throw the same slips of paper back in the bowl. Mix them up and start round two. 

There are three rounds, all using the same clues:

Round one – the clue giver can use as many words as they want (besides the actual name) to get his or her team to guess the name

Round two – the clue giver can give one one-word clue per name (you can skip names)

Round three – The clue giver must act out the name

Resolution Guessing Game

This one is pretty easy and great for a crowd who already knows each other. Simply have everyone write down one of their resolutions, fold it up, and put it in a bowl. Once all are in, take turns pulling out one resolution at a time and reading out loud. Have everyone vote for who they think wrote it. If they vote correctly, they get a point (alternatively, if they do not vote correctly, they have a punishment like a drink).

Two Resolutions and a Lie

Two Resolutions and a Lie is just a spin on the classic game Two Truths and a Lie. Each person takes a turn announcing three resolutions for 2019, but one of them is a lie. Everyone else must guess which resolution is the lie. Winners can get points or losers can get a punishment.

Minute to Win It Games

Who doesn’t love classic Minute to Win it games? In case you’re unfamiliar, Minute to Win It games are short 60 second challenges completed by teams using household objects. The Idea Room and Play. Party. Plan. offer some hilarious New Year’s Eve themed Minute to Win It games.

Where did 2018 Go?

You can totally DIY this game or download and print this free version from Play. Party. Plan. Each party goer or team gets a list of events that happened in 2018. They have a short time limit to put the events in order of when they happened throughout the year. Some event examples include “Toys R Us closing its doors on the final shopping day” and “Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announcing their separation.”

2018 Trivia

This is another game you can free style or download. It’s simple! Each party goer or team gets a list of trivia questions pertaining to 2018. They have a certain amount of time to answer as many as possible. The person or team with the most correct answers wins! Questions can range from, “Who won the 2018 World Series” to “What kitchen appliance caused an uproar after being tied to the death of a beloved This Is Us character?”

Loaded Questions

Again, this can be purchased, or DIYed. If you are ready to DIY it up, simply write out a bunch of questions on slips of paper, cut them out, and put them in a bowl. For questions, you can use these examples or google some more. Split into pairs (real life couples work best) and take turns drawing questions. One partner answers, then the other partner reveals if they were correct or not. For example, the question might read, “What is your partner’s biggest pet peeve?” If both partners have the same answer, that team gets a point. 

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