15 Bingeworthy True Crime Podcasts

Posted October 21st, 2019

It’s no secret podcasts are all the rage lately. On top of that, true crime seems to be making a comeback as well. Well, maybe it never went away, but it’s definitely becoming more popular. Whether you’re a true crime podcast pro or you’re just looking to get started, we’ve got a list of the best true crime pods out there.

1. Crime Junkie

If you’re looking for quick episodes with nothing but the facts, then Crime Junkie is where it’s at. Hosts Ashley and Brit get right down to the facts in each 30-ish minute episode. Bonus: They try to cover stories that aren’t covered anywhere else.

2. Criminal

Criminal is a great compilation of various short true crime stories. Every story is so different, you won’t ever get bored. From an interview with the person who invented the Stockholm Syndrome to a story about identity theft with so many twists and turns you won’t be able to stop listening, Criminal has something for everyone.

3. Serial

Serial is the OG true crime podcast. It’s perfect for beginners just getting into the genre. The first season, in which they explore the case of Adnan Sayed, blew up almost overnight! This is one you’ve got to listen to in order, but it’s totally worth it.

4. My Favorite Murder

As one of the most popular true crime podcasts, My Favorite Murder is selling out live shows left and right. Become immediate BFFs with Karen and Georgia as they chat about life, mental illness, cats, and, of course, true crime.

5. Dirty John

Dirty John is now a hit Bravo special, but before that it was a hit podcast. This one tells the story of John Meehan, a seemingly put together guy in a new relationship, but with a dark secret. This is another one to listen to in order.

6. Last Podcast on the Left

Warning: Last Podcast on the Left includes explicit content. However, if you’re okay with that, and love the details and facts, then this is for you. The boys of LPOTL, Marcus, Ben, and Henry, definitely do their research. These 1.5-2 hour episodes cover every single details of insane cases from serial killers and cults to aliens and abnormal creatures.

7. Lore

Lore isn’t exactly true crime, but it’s such a hit it’s been made into multiple books and a TV show! Host Aaron Mahnke walks listeners through some of the darker sides of our history from H.H. Holmes to haunted houses and real-life vampires.

8. Root of Evil

Unlike the others, the Root of Evil podcast focuses on just one case: The Black Dahlia. Perhaps one of the most famous true crime cases, Root of Evil does a deep dive into the facts, commonly overlooked details, and possible suspects.

9. In the Dark

In the Dark offers two equally captivating seasons. The first focuses on the story of Jacob Wetterling, who went missing as a young boy. The series was created as the case was solved 27 years later. The second season focuses on Curtis Flowers, a man allegedly wrongfully convicted of murder. Follow his story and decide for yourself if he’s innocent.

10. Jensen and Holes: Murder Squad

Are you an aspiring detective? Do you enjoy trying to solve unsolved cases in your spare time? Then Murder Squad is the podcast for you! Billy Jensen and Paul Holes walk the listeners through a case then send them away with homework. It can be anything from sharing specific information, asking certain questions, or searching for clues. Their goal is to solve cold cases and give unidentified victims back their identities.

11. The Dropout

A little different than the previous podcasts, The Dropout focuses on the corporate crime of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. Holmes created a technology company and became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire. But… it was all a lie.

12. Dark Poutine

If you prefer a lighter dose of true crime, try Dark Poutine. This Canadian podcast, hosted by Mike and Scott, tells famous true crime stories without going into the gory details. While they focus on Canadian stories, they also cover stories from around the world, including America.

13. And That’s Why We Drink

If you love true crime AND ghost stories, then this is the podcast for you! Hosts Em and Christine spend each episode telling a true crime story and a ghost story, both of which are, you guess it why they drink.

14. Dr. Death

If you can stomach this one, Dr. Death is a podcast about a neurosurgeon who caused the death and severe injury to 33 patients. This podcast has been called, “the scariest podcast of the year,” by GQ Magazine. Do you dare give a listen?

15. The Teacher’s Pet

This insane story comes from Australia, where host Hedley tells the story of Lyn Dawson’s disappearance. While her marriage to husband Chris appeared to be perfect, her mysterious disappearance reveals some crazy secrets, including an affair between Chris and one of his high school students. Hedley is convinced Chris murdered Lyn, but can he convince you too?

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