5 Reasons to Buy a Home this Winter

Posted January 8th, 2019

If you’re looking for a new home, consider starting your search now. Spring and summer may be known as the real estate seasons, but we think winter’s making a comeback. Why? Just check out these positives:

1. Less Competition

Since spring and summer are commonly known as the best times to buy a house, most people wait until then to look for a house. This means there’s a lot less competition for winter buyers. While this is bad news for sellers, it’s great news for people searching for a new home. Fewer interested buyers means you don’t have to compete with others willing to pay over the asking price and you are less likely to be caught in the middle of a bidding war.

2. Motivated Sellers

Aside from encountering less competition, you also encounter more motivated sellers. People selling in winter are doing so because they want the house sold and they don’t want to wait until Spring. This means they are more likely to make a deal or work with you. This doesn’t mean you need to low ball the seller, but you are more likely to snag the house you want at a price you’re wanting to pay.

3. Realtor’s Undivided Attention

With less buyers out and about, realtors have fewer customers. This means they can spend more time and energy on helping you. Aside from having more time to focus on you, they’re also eager to make a sale. Working with a realtor is always helpful, but it may be even more so during the winter months.

4. Test Weather Capabilities

Winter can be a tough time of the year. It typically means shoveling, larger electric bills, and dead landscaping. While these can make a house seem less desirable, it’s actually a wonderful time to be extra critical of your potential future home. Is that driveway a pain to walk on when icy? How new is the furnace? Is the roof holding up under all the snow, ice, and everything else?

5. Faster Closings

Winter can also bring faster closing times. In the “prime” months, your mortgage lender will most likely be pretty busy. This can lead to longer wait times. In the winter, when things have slowed down, they can typically get to your mortgage a bit faster.

So what do you think? Ready to give winter home buying a chance? Check out our mortgage center or stop by our Dividend branch to explore mortgage opportunities today.

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