DIY Group Halloween Costumes

Posted October 22nd, 2019

We know it's tough to get a group of people to agree on anything, especially something creative like a Halloween costume. If you've got a group looking for direction, check out these ten DIY ideas for inspiration.

1. Statues

Always a classic and super fun, if not a little messy. Bonus points if you can trick bystanders into thinking you're real!

2. Pool Floats

Uhh, yes please. Over the top pool floats are all the rage! Why not keep the pool party going into October?

3. Trophies

We know, this one's similar to #1, but think of the fun you can have! You and your friends could be trophies for your favorite sport or activity, one you've always wanted to excel at, or, even better, make up your own random sport! #1 napper, anyone?

4. Monopoly

Take the game that loses friends and flip the narrative! Everyone grab your favorite square (fanciest friend automatically gets Park Place) and get ready to win every costume costume.

5. Fruit Salad

This may be the easiest DIY of them all, but that doesn't mean it isn't adorable. Everyone pick a fruit and mix it up!

6. Clue

Yes, it's another board game. But who doesn't want to dress up as a bunch of rich, party going, maybe murderers?

7. Famous Landmarks

Could these landmarks be any cuter? Find your favorite landmarks and create your own!

8. Snapchat Filters

So simple. So fun. So relevant! The hashtags really take it over the top.

9. Puns

There are so many! Everyone pick a pun and have fun with it. Holy Guacamole. Smart Cookie. Pumpkin Pi. A ceiling fan... the list goes on and on.

10. Decades

Yes the decades have been done before, but there's a reason - it's a classic! Choose a decade or have a Halloween through the decades and have each person dress up as a different era.

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