Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted January 24th, 2019

If you’re anything like me, February 12th rolls around and the panic sets in. Now that I have two days to stress, what should I attempt to get my significant other for Valentine’s Day? This usually culminates in a heartfelt, home cooked dinner and like 20 of his favorite candy bars. I know – I’m terrible. This year, I’m thinking ahead. Who’s with me? 

Just a quick note: you can also save this post, continue to procrastinate, and revisit this on the 12th to keep up with tradition. All gifts are from Amazon Prime so if you’ve got a Prime account (or a friend with one), you don’t even need to think ahead!

Be sure to wow your chocolate lover with something a little more creative than the traditional box of chocolates. How about a chocolate trip around the world? Well, sort of. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport box contains chocolate bars from 8 different counties. Spend your Valentine’s Day eating around the world.

If you’re significant other is the sentimental one and you just can’t keep up with all the thoughtful gifts, Knock Knock makes it easy for you! This “What I Love About You” book is an easy fill in the blanks journal. Each page has a new prompt and you just have to finish the thought. It’s personalization made easy.

Your craft beer loving partner will love this Duffy’s IPA shampoo. Not only does it smell delicious, but it’s great for your hair! Another option: maybe you’re into craft beer and just want to smell it on your partner all day? Either way, this shampoo is full of great reviews.

It’s funny. It’s true. It’s thoughtful… it’s a key chain that reads, “I hope your day is as nice as your butt.” TBH, I’d be flattered over and over again if I had this hanging on my keys. If your partner has been working on those butt gains, make sure you give them some credit this Valentine’s Day. 

Do you have a true crime lover in your life? We can almost guarantee they will love this cat shaped self-defense key chain. Bonus points: it’s also a bottle opener! 

There’s a very high probability that your partner has entirely too many water bottles. I’m talking bottle spilling out of the shelf, stacked on top of each other, some that are never even used. So why not replace ALL of those bottles with one amazing bottle? Hydroflasks are versatile, keep your drinks hot or cold for days, and come in so many cute colors. They’re a little pricey so it’s tough to spend that much on a bottle for yourself, but that’s what makes it a great gift for someone else.

In love with a book lover? Why not gift him or her the hottest book of the season! People can’t stop talking about Michelle Obama’s Becoming. It’s sure to be captivating, inspiring, and well worth the read – just check out the reviews!

Do you have a beauty guru in your life? Chances are they’ve heard of this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay face mask. However, if they don’t yet own it, this is the perfect gift opportunity. With a 4 ½ star rating after almost 20,000 reviews, you can’t go wrong! Order this mask and prepare for a relaxing spa day with your loved on.

Are you more of a “let’s stay in” kind of couple? Grab some cozy socks and prepare to curl up in front of a Netflix binge for your Valentine’s Day. These socks are adorable for men and women

If you’ve got a gamer in your life, consider gifting them this low-priced, old-school gaming system. Not only does this system have all the original favorite features from your NES days, but it also plays SNES games, too! Grab this console, dig up your old Super Mario game, and spend Valentine’s Day defeating Bowser together.

Does your partner love a good selfie (I mean, who doesn’t?)? Help them step up their selfie game with a ring light! This little guy is inexpensive, rechargeable, and makes a world of different in photographs. 

And finally, for those of you whose Valentine has four legs: a friendship necklace/dog tag combo to show your affection loud and proud. 

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