PIN Safety

Posted June 26th, 2019

ATM tampering is on the rise. While we’re doing all we can to prevent this from our end, a lot of it falls on our members. It’s up to you to be safe and use caution when using ATMS. So how can you do that? Well, the easiest way is by using common PIN safety.

1. Always cover your hand and keypad while entering your PIN. Recently, it’s been reported that fraudsters are focusing on drive up ATMs since people are less likely to cover the keypad while entering their PIN. No matter where you are, be sure to cover the keypad.

2. Keep your PIN a secret. Do not share your PIN with anyone and never give it out over email, text, telephone, etc.

3. Create a difficult to guess PIN. That means, that as easy as it is to remember a birthdate, avoid using that as your PIN. Four random numbers will be your best bet to create a PIN that is difficult to guess.

4. Don’t leave your debit card laying around. Keep it in a safe place, just as you would cash or a credit card.

5. Check for anything unusual on the ATM before using. If you see something, notify the financial institution immediately. Unusual items could include any loose or crooked parts, hidden cameras, or fake keypads. These are all common tactics used by criminals to be able to easily collect your information.

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