Six Do's & Six Don'ts for Six Flags

Posted May 22nd, 2019

DO wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and lots of sunscreen.

DO drink lots of water! It’s hot, there’s lots of walking, and you can get dehydrated fast. Don’t skimp on the water.

DO check the park map beforehand and figure out a game plan.

DO make sure everyone in your group has a fully charged phone, a buddy they won’t split up from, and a meeting place and time in case anyone gets split from the group.

DO bring a spare change of clothes (or at least socks) and a poncho. It’s not fun to get soaking wet on a water ride then walk around with wet clothes all day.

DO get to the park early. If you arrive about thirty minutes before the park opens, you’ll be sure to be one of the first in. If you wait to arrive when it opens, without taking into consideration the time it takes to park, get tickets, and get to the gates, you’ll be caught in long lines.

DON’T forget where you parked. Be sure to take a photo of your parking space before you walk in the park so you can easily find it when you leave.

DON’T go to the water park during the hottest part of the day. While it might sound refreshing, that’s the busiest time. Instead, check out a show or a shop to cool off during the middle of the day and check out the water park earlier or later.

DON’T eat lunch and dinner during traditional hours. Save time and skip the long lines by eating a little earlier or later than usual.

DON’T force anyone to ride something they don’t want to ride, especially small children.

DON’T start at the biggest and best rides. If you want to beat the lines as best you can, head to the back of the park and work your way toward the front.

DON’T pay full price for your ticket! Order in advance for cheaper prices, grab tickets from DECU for a discounted price, go with a group, or search Groupon. If you plan to go two or more times, it’s cheaper to buy a season pass, especially over holiday weekends when they typically have huge sales (like Memorial Day).

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