Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

Posted November 14th, 2019

Last year, we wrote about unique Thanksgiving foods (check it out here). This year, we’re bringing you unique Thanksgiving traditions! Not everyone celebrates the same and some may be looking to change things up. Read below to see what new traditions you may want to incorporate into your Thanksgiving.


What better way to give thanks than by giving back? Sign the whole family up to volunteer at a food kitchen for a few hours. You’ll be extra thankful when you’re done.

Binge All Day

And we’re not just talking about food (although, that’s an option, too). Have a movie or Netflix marathon! Grab some frozen pizzas, hot chocolate, and lots of fuzzy blankets and curl up in front of the TV with your favorite family members.

Get Physical

A lot of communities start their Thanksgiving days with a Turkey Trot or other type of physical activity. Join in! Start a new, healthy tradition with the family.

Start with Breakfast

We all know Thanksgiving dinner is the star of the show, but why overlook breakfast? Start the day with a huge, elaborate breakfast as well. Who doesn’t love a good breakfast?

Designate “Me Time”

Holidays can be hard. Start the tradition of finding a few hours to yourself. Set aside time in the morning before things get hectic or in the evening after everyone leaves. You’ll thank yourself later.

Play Games

Spice up your family get together with some games! You can go the classic board game route or find some fun Thanksgiving themed games online. A little friendly competition always brings the family together (or not).

Try a New Recipe

Most Thanksgiving dinners are full of tried and true recipes. Instead of sticking to the basics, try incorporating one new recipe each year.

Decorate for Christmas

If you’re a Christmas lover, spend Thanksgiving evening decorating with family. It’s a fun way to end on holiday and kick off the next.

Take a Trip

For all the travel lovers out there, spend Thanksgiving away from home. Start the tradition of taking a vacation over the holiday! Make it a full family escape or a quick solo or date trip.

Host a Leftover Party

If you have approximately 15 family Thanksgivings to attend, consider moving on to the next day. Instead of another full Thanksgiving meal, host a leftover party. Everyone can bring their leftovers from the day before and everyone can spend the day relaxing, eating, and not stressing about hitting up the next get together.

Make it a PJ Party

If you’re going to eat until you burst anyway, why not make sure you’re comfy? Spread the word that this year’s celebration is a PJ party! Comfy pajamas are a must. Perfect for stuffing your face all day and lounging on the couch all night.

Fill the Table

If you have family members who can’t make it, or even just some extra room, find someone without a family to celebrate with and invite them to your celebration. You can invite a coworker who lives far from home, a family friend, or even a complete stranger (but be careful with that one).

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