Back to School Routines

It’s almost back to school time again. While this year may look different (thanks COVID), we’re still learning. And whether that’s done at home or in the classrooms, kids need a routine. Summer is full of fun, late nights and sleeping in. So how do we help our kids adjust to the typical school routine again? We’ve got a few tips.

1. Create an evening routine.

For kids, their evening routine is important because they require more sleep than adults. While it can be tempting to help kids calm down before bed with TV or other electronics, that isn’t exactly helpful. The blue light from electronics actually tricks our brains into staying awake longer. Instead, spend the last hour or two before bedtime playing a game, playing with toys, or reading books.

2. Practice your morning routine.

It’s easy to over or underestimate the time needed to get ready and out the door in the morning. Consider practicing this new routine a couple days in a row before it actually begins. This could help your child get in the groove and lessen the chaos of the first day.

3. Explain what’s going to happen.

Be sure you aren’t expecting your child to know what’s going on. Take the time to explain how and why the schedule is changing and set out expectations for them.

4. Walk them through it.

Mornings are usually hectic, especially when a routine is still new. Be sure to walk your young child through each morning activity. Once they get the hang of it, give less and less directions until they’ve got it down pat on their own.

5. Avoid yelling.

It can be frustrating when you’re juggling yourself, your kids, and everything else in the house. However, try to remember that you want your kids’ day to be positive and productive. Avoid yelling or harsh words first thing in the morning.

6. Lead by example.

Your kids look up to you and imitate what they see you do. If they see you sticking to a routine, they’re more likely to do the same.

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