Celebrating Thanksgiving During COVID

Posted November 5th, 2020

How do we celebrate a holiday that’s all about being together, while we can’t be together? Thanksgiving is going to different this year for sure, but it can still be fun! Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate while in quarantine.

1. Have a virtual hangout – This one is pretty obvious. If you have family members you can’t come in contact with, hop on Zoom or FaceTime for the day. You can prepare food, eat, and then just hang out all day! It’s not quite the same as being together, but it’s a close second!

2. Serve individual portions – If you are able to get together, consider scrapping the family style meal and instead focus on making individual portions. This will eliminate some possible germs that come with sharing food.

3. Share the love – If you know of some family or friends who can’t get together during the holiday, why not send them a care package? If you live nearby, you can drop it off on their porch. If not, you can mail it or order a delivery from somewhere near them. Pack up a few fun snacks, some things to do like a coloring book or a movie, and fall decorations.

4. Move it outside – Thanksgiving weather is hit or miss in the Midwest. Sometimes it’s snowing and other times you’re comfortable in a t shirt. If you can, move your gathering outside so you can still get together. If possible, grab some outdoor heaters just in case they’re needed.

5. Create a new type of pot luck – While Thanksgiving is typically all about the food, consider asking everyone to bring something else (whether in person or virtual). Ask family members to consider bringing an old family photo, a pre-dinner toast, a hilarious memory, or anything else that can be shared.

6. Celebrate all day long – if you’re stuck at home instead of your usual big celebration, make the entire day full of festive cheer. Start with a huge, delicious, fall themed breakfast. Don’t forget about the classic Thanksgiving lunch and dinner as well as dessert. Decorate the house and watch the parade, football, or a fall movie.

7. Watch the parade – We still have the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Find a time for everyone to tune in and watch it together, whether you’re together in person or virtually.

8. Create a festive cocktail – We all know the true MVP of the holidays: alcohol (for those over 21). Create a fun, festive cocktail you can all share in person or virtually. Or, have everyone create one and you can see who has the best.

9. Get moving – Set aside some time to go for a family walk or bike ride. Getting up and moving will feel great and being outside always adds some cheer.

10. Decorate – As always, decorate, decorate, decorate. Decorating is such a fun, simple way to get in the holiday spirit. Go all out this year!

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