DECU Suggests: Amazon Finds

Posted June 18th, 2020

Whether you love them or hate them, Amazon’s got some amazing products. We asked our employees to send their very favorite, can’t live without, Amazon purchases.

So grab your Platinum Visa, or apply today, and grab some new game-changing items.

1. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner “This is the first robot vacuum we’ve ever had and it’s been great. It mops and vacuums. We run it every night since getting a very hairy dog and having two messy little girls and it’s been a huge time saver!” – Ashley

2. Green Tea Leaves “This has saved me while things have been shut down. I couldn’t get my Starbucks green tea, so I cold brewed my own. This is fabulous! Plus, they are a fair trade entrepreneur.” – Kim

3. Portable Phone Charger “I will charge my phone completely two times and still have a charge on this thing. It also charges very quickly. I take it with me everywhere. It’s a life saver!” – Laura

4. Giant Suction Wreath Holder “This is great for hanging wreaths or door signs if you have a glass section on your front door.” – Megan

5. Aqua Magic Doodle Mat “This is a really cool water mat for kids. It even has a squeaker in it, which my son loves.” – Megan

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses “I love these blue light blocking glasses and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them.” – Megan

7. Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering

“This is one of the best cook books I’ve ever purchased. All the recipes are easy to make and so far they’ve all turned out perfect. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is my favorite.” – Jessica

8. Women’s Knit Capri Pants “These are so comfy! They run long, so short ladies may have to hem them, but they look great for work or going out.” – Angel

9. FURemover Rubber Broom “This rubber broom is amazing! I have two dogs who love to shed in our very small house. Our vacuum alone was not doing the job. This is the best $15 ever spent.”

10. Ink Cartridge Replacements “This ink is considerably cheaper than buying it at the stores, and they are all about recycling. This works great and it’s cheap. When they are empty, you just mail them back to the company and buy some more.” – Ashley

11. Rechargeable Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

“This is great for cleaning makeup brushes!” – Megan

12. Wine Bottle Torch Kit

“Perfect for turning empty wine bottles into adorable tiki torches.” – Jes

13. Facial Steamer

“This facial steamer has cleared up my acne and gives me 10 minutes of “me time” each night.” – Melanie

14. Modest Mylk Base

“I love almond milk, but hated wasting all the containers. This is cheaper and more environmentally friendly! Oh, and delicious.” – Melanie

15. Echo Dot Wall Stand

“My cats kept tripping on the cord to my Amazon Echo and unplugging it. Then I found this gem and it was the perfect solution!” – Melanie

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