Halloween in the Time of COVID

Posted October 27th, 2020

Halloween in the time of COVID-19 Sure, there’s a cloud hanging over the holidays this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! Halloween is coming and we’ve got some ideas for you to beat the COVID blues and celebrate your heart out… safely, of course.

1. Decorate face masks – This is something that would have insane in 2019, but it’s 2020 and the rules have changed. Grab some disposable face masks and spend an evening decorating them with the family. You can even include prizes for the spookiest or best masks.

2. Ghost your neighbors – Okay, this sounds mean, but it’s not! Put together some fun treat bags, put them on your neighbors’ (or family or friends’) porches, ring the doorbell, and then speed off!

3. Host a virtual party – If you can’t get together with friends in person, get together virtually! Host a costume contest or a pumpkin carving contest over Zoom.

4. Reverse trick or treat – If you’re feeling like you can be the ring leader of the neighborhood, plan a reverse trick or treat night! Instead of going door to door, families drive around and throw candy out their car windows into front lawns.

5. Explore a drive through haunted house – Check your area for drive through haunted houses or haunted roads… if you dare!

6. Have a movie marathon – Is there anything more fun than watching back to back movies curled up on the couch with every snack you can think of spread out in front of you? I didn’t think so! Pick some of your favorite Halloween or spooky movies and settle in for a night of fun – and fright!

7. Camp out – There’s a full moon this Halloween. This only happens every 18-19 years! And, even better, it’s the second full moon of the month, aka a blue moon. Throw up a tent in the backyard, start a fire, and enjoy this rare occurrence!

8. Bake! – Spend the evening baking and cooking spooky Halloween themed dinners and treats. Or, order Halloween specials from local restaurants. You could eat anything from jack-o-lantern pizzas to orange donuts to mummy quesadillas.

9. Visit the drive in – Everyone loves the drive in! Pack up the kids, tons of snacks, and head to a local drive in to spend the evening safely watching Halloween classics.

10. Decorate to the extreme – This one may go without saying, but amp up your decorations this year! Spend some time with the family creating homemade decorations. Have a decorating contest with your neighbors. Go all out and spread some Halloween cheer – or fear – this year.

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