We're Back, Baby!

Posted June 9th, 2020

We’re back, baby! Well… sort of. We’re opening our lobbies again on June 11th, 2020. However, in our best attempt to keep our members and employees safe and healthy, things may look a little different for a while.

Lobbies | Our lobbies will reopen and return to our usual times (found here), however, there is a maximum capacity for each branch (see below) and no public restrooms. Because of this, there may be longer wait times. We highly encourage our members use our Contact Center and online services whenever possible.

Maximum Capacities | Mt. Zion – 10 members, Dividend – 15 members, Forsyth – 13 members, Paris – 6 members.

What can I do in a lobby? | We highly encourage using our Contact Center and online services whenever possible. There are a few things that can’t be done online, which can be done in our lobbies again starting June 11th: accessing your safety deposit box, getting something notarized, and signing mortgage papers. Our teller lines will be open for usual business, however with the lobby capacities in place, we suggest online banking, using the drive up, or our Contact Center.

What will the lobby look like? | As stated above, each lobby has a maximum capacity. We also ask that if you use a pen, you take it with you. The floor will be marked so that everyone can continue to keep a safe, six foot distance from each other while in the lobby. We will also be prohibiting the use of water fountains, but instead have water bottles available. No public restrooms will be available, so please plan accordingly.

Drive Ups | Our drive ups will continue to operate as they have been. Almost all transactions can be done in our drive up. The hours for each branch can be found here, as well as our Contact Center hours.

Contact Center | As always, our Contact Center is here to help. Give them a call, a live chat, or video bank from home to do just about everything from checking your balance and paying bills to applying for a loan or a credit card.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we strive to provide necessary services while keeping our community safe.

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