How to pack your cooler for the big camping trip

Planning a camping trip this summer. Chances are you plan to pack a cooler, but do you know the proper way to pack it? Yes. There is a science to keeping your food colder longer.

Here are some tips to keep your items cold:

1. Pack all beverages at the bottom of the cooler so they don't crush your food.

2. Freeze food items that you won’t use right away. This will help them stay fresh longer.

3. Keep food in reusable containers. This can help with meal prep.

4. Put lunch supplies in a Ziplock bag. Now your lunch is easy to get to when you arrive at your destination.

5. Store food vertically. This will help you see more in the cooler

6. Make a solid ice layer on the bottom. Make sure to freeze these ahead of the trip to keep the cooler extra cold.

7. Use loose ice to fill in the cracks -This will make sure less air gets in to bring the temperature down.

8. Use frozen water bottles. If you like cold water you'll have it.

9. Put other loose ice on top.

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