How to use Mobile Deposit

Get money on the go.

Now with mobile deposit, you could deposit a check at home, work, or at a restaurant. It's super easy if you just follow these steps. All you need is an active online checking or savings account with us.

There is no fee.

1. Go to Mobile Banking on your online banking account:

2. Click Deposit.

3. Sign the back of the check with your signature and write "for Mobile Deposit Only at DECU"

4. Take a photo of the FRONT with all four corners visible.

5. Once the front photo is accepted, it will then ask you to take a photo of the BACK of the check.

6. Follow the prompts.

Tips for taking the photos:

  • Make sure all four corners of the check are visible
  • Stand over the check so the image is level
  • Place the check on either a darker background or a white background and scan it again
  • If your phone takes really high megapixel photos you may need to choose a smaller megapixel size photo

For any questions regarding Mobile Deposit, visit:

Mobile Deposit FAQs

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