Save on back-to-school shopping

It's time to start thinking of back-to-school shopping. Don't hit the panic button on how you'll get it all done just yet. DECU can help you get there with a back-to-school loan. We've also put together a few tips to save some extra money.

  1. Take inventory of the supplies you already have. You might find many forgotten items that can be used again this year.
  2. Have your child try on clothes from last year. While they try on, make a list of the things that need to be replaced. You could also ask other parents if they'd participate in a clothing swap.
  3. Compare prices before shopping. Some stores might be running sales on different items. Shopping around could help you save a ton.
  4. Check the list before you head out to the stores. Some schools will supply some items, especially technology devices.
  5. Buy backpacks with prevention in mind. Most kids want a superhero backpack or favorite character. But parents should look for backpacks with wide padded shoulder straps and padded backs to help prevent injury from the supplies students will carry.
  6. Do research on deals. Some states even offer a sales tax break for a few days in August to help parents save.
  7. Use apps on your smartphone to help you get the best deals.
  8. Buy for durability. It might be tempting to spend less on items but spending a little more on quality will help the supplies last for more than a year.