Tips for teaching your kids how to save money

Top 10 Tips

Saving money is a habit that takes time to build, and even some adults have yet to master it, so teaching your kids how to save at a young age is important. This year has been particularly hard on everyone, but again it’s still a way for children to learn the lessons of saving money. These are just 10 tips we have to help you teach your children, and maybe even yourself, about the ways of saving money.

1. Discuss Wants VS. Needs

2. Let Them Earn Their Own Money

3. Set Savings Goals

4. Provide a Place to Save

5. Have Them Track Spending

6. Offer Savings Incentives

7. Leave Room for Mistakes

8. Act as Their Creditor

9. Talk About Money

10. Set a Good Example

Use these tips as conversation starters and lessons to teach children the importance of money. If you’re a parent, making savings a part of your child’s routine can lay the foundation for a bright financial future.