Start planning for your vacations!

It’s time to start planning for your next beach visit!

Define your priorities.

-Experiencing a different culture


-Trying new foods

-Visiting a specific location

-Learning something new

2.Set a travel budget.

-You could end up overspending by being tempted by cheap fares, online hotel reviews, and various attractions.

3.Use a travel rewards credit card.

-Use a premium travel rewards credit card to reduce the net cost of you next vacation and add value along the way.

4. Travel during the off-season

-If you’ve got a flexible schedule, you can save a ton simply by traveling during the off-season. As an added bonus, you can benefit from less crowded attractions and have a less stressful overall experience.

5.Look for hotel alternatives.


-Vacation rentals

-Stay with friends

-Couch surf

6.Plan shorter trips

-Shorter travel blocks offer the same benefit as longer vacations, and they cost much less.

7.Book last-minute deals

8.Watch for deals

-Sign up for travel alerts to find the best deals.

9.Go in groups

-Group rates for hotels, flights, and attractions are common often with a discount around 15%.

10.Go on a Volunteer vacation.

-Habitat for Humanity.

-STA Travel

-International Volunteer HQ

Happy vacationing!