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Book a Back to School Loan between July 13th and August 31st, and get as low as a 29.99% APR. No credit check required.

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Last school year may have ended at home and we don’t know what this school year will bring, but we want you to be prepared for anything. Back to school time will have enough challenges. We want to lessen the burden by offering a loan that doesn’t even require a look at your credit. We’re doing a lot of things a little differently right now, but we’ll always be learning.

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Book a Back to School Loan between July 13th and August 31st for as low as 29.99% APR. Max amount is $790 and minimum amount is $500 for an 8 month term. No credit pull, must be an active member for a minimum of 6 months and in good standing, and a $40.00 fee does apply.

For example, a $790 Back to School Loan paid off in 8 months at as low as 29.99% APR would equal monthly payments of $110.18.

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