No Joke

If your household does most of your business with us you probably qualify!

To qualify for a 0% Visa card you must have all 3:

  1. either a checking account with a debit card or a money market account
  2. some type of automatic deposit to your DECU account
  3. a $10,000 relationship with DECU which can be any combination of balances of savings, loans, and Visa credit limits within your household.*

Limit one 0% Visa account per household but you can have more than one card.

The monthly payment on a 0% Visa is 10% of the outstanding balance with a minimum monthly payment of $50. Neither cash advances nor balance transfers are available on the 0% Visa.

* A household is a family living together, all of whom need not be related. One person may have the loan on their account and the other person has the direct deposit. You can qualify as long as all the criteria can be met by the members under one roof.

For Credit Card Tips from the Federal Reserve Board: To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Federal Reserve Board at


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