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Not everyone feels the same about the car buying process. Do you love the thrill of the hunt or prefer to have your dad find you a good car? Do you start by researching online or would you rather visit a dealership to see what’s available? Whatever your style, the financing is often the last thing buyers think about. That's where we come in. We've compiled all of our knowledge and then some into one place, The Auto Center. Calculators, rates, blogs, links, applications... You name it, it's here. And the best part? Since we're always learning new and exciting things, this page will be updated with all the new stuff we learn, because sharing our knowledge with you is what we're passionate about.

Dealer vs CU Financing

0% always sounds better but is it always better?

Car Values

Want to know what your car or the car you want to buy is worth? Find out here!

Loan Payment Calculator

Play around with the numbers to get to the payment you can afford!

Auto Loan Pre-Approval

Now is the time to save yourself time and money by having your loan approved before you shop for a vehicle. I pre-approved vehicle loan is valid for 60 days. Pre-Approval financing can give you an advantage when bargaining for the price of the vehicle.

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Indirect Dealers

Ask for Earthmover at the car dealership and the dealers in our network can process your loan right there.

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