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What is your ABA number or Routing and Transit Number?

271182919 Use it to sign up for direct deposit of your tax refund, payroll, Social Security, etc. You can always find it in the lower left hand corner of your checks. To the right of that number on your checks is your account number. Your account number can also be found below your name on your debit card. Add a 00 for savings or a 70 for checking to the end of your account number to designate which account the deposit or withdrawal will affect.

My card expires within one week, when will I get my new card?

You should receive your new card during the month in which your card is to expire. Be sure to keep an eye out for it, it will arrive in a plain white envelope. Keep in mind your card is good until the last day of the month of expiration. If your card was to expire on 1/21, it is a valid card until January 31,2021.

I don't know my card PIN, what is it?

For your protection we do not keep records of PINs. We offer an over the phone automated system that can assist you to re-pin your card. To re-pin a debit card call 1-866-985-2273. To re-pin your credit card call, 1-888-886-0083. These numbers are also listed under the DIY section.

What is my available balance on my Visa? Limit?

There are a few different ways to check your available balance and limit:

  • You can call, 1-866-820-5894, the phone number on the back of your card
  • You can check your available balance and limit through mobile banking.
  • You can also call our contact center at 217-875-2301, to find out information about your credit card.

What does my credit score have to be to get a loan?

DECU does not require a specific credit score to be approved for a loan. DECU reviews a variety of criteria, including credit score, when approving a loan.

What was my last deposit amount?

Mobile banking allows you access to view your statements, do a transfer and view the activity on your account. You can sign up for eAlerts so you’ll get a text or email when an electronic deposit is made.

When will my Mobile Deposit be available?

• Deposits received via the service are processed on our Mobile Deposit business days, which are Monday thru Saturday, excluding holidays until 4:30pm through the weekdays and 11:00 through Saturday, Central Standard Time.

• Deposit items that are received after 4:30 pm daily will not be deposited until the following business day. Deposits made after 4:30 pm on a Friday, that is a business day, 11:00 on a Saturday, and at any time on a Sunday, or holiday, will not be deposited until the end of the next business day that we are open.

What is my checking deposit?

DECU offers text or email alerts to notify you every time a deposit is made into your account. DECU also offers mobile banking to allow you access to your account activity.

Address change request

We are unable to change addresses over the phone. You can update your address through mobile banking by choosing My Account from the Menu. You can also come to any of our locations, or simply submit in writing your account number, current address, what you would like to change the address to, and your signature.

Interest rate on car loan

The interest rate depends on the year of the vehicle, term and your credit score. Our best are listed here.

What is a Challenge PIN on mobile banking?

There are three situations where Challenge PINs are used. All are designed to protect your money from fraud.

1. Challenge PINs are required when you login on a device not yet authorized. The first time you try to login on your device, you will need to enter the Challenge PIN sent to the email address or cell phone number we have on record. Once you enter the Challenge PIN, you have the option to authorize the device so you won't need a Challenge PIN next time you login to your account with that device. For your security do not authorize a public computer.

2. Challenge PINs are required when transfers total $2,500 or more in a business day.

3. Challenge PINs are required when there are four or more transfers in a business day.

Why do I need a bill of sale if buying from an individual?

The bill of sale shows the agreed upon purchase price to you, us, and the buyer so there are no surprises. Depending on the value and year of the vehicle, the bill of sale may also be required by the department of revenue for sales tax purposes.

What is this insurance applied to my loan?

Vehicle insurance is added to a loan when we were unable to verify coverage on the vehicle. We need a copy of the declaration page which shows the dates your vehicle is covered, your deductible, and DECU as the lien holder.

Do you sell your repossessed vehicles?

No, we sell repossessed vehicles at auction.

Do you have a travel card?

Yes, we do offer travel Visa cards that are reloadable for our members. The fee is $5.00 per card.


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