Fresh Start Checking

Fresh Start Checking

How do I balance my checkbook?

  • Online Resources
  • Apps for iPhone & Android
    • Balance My Checkbook
    • Simple Checkbook Ledger
    • Balance
  • Manual Balancing Tips
    • Record ALL your transactions
    • Compare your transactions to your account statement
    • Make sure all entries listed on your account statement are accounted for in your checkbook
    • If at first you don’t succeed, recalculate
  • DECU also offers assistance to help with checkbook balancing for a fee of $40 per hour

Do you offer any programs to make balancing my check book easier?

  • The Spare Change Round Up program is a great tool to help you SAVE & makes it EASIER to balance your checkbook
    • Rounds your debit card purchase up to the next $1.00. For example:
    • Groceries $24.25 per your receipt
    • Groceries $25.00 reflected in your statement
    • The extra .75 will go to a savings account

What if I accidentally overdraw my checking account?

  • The item that overdrew your account will be returned and your account will be charged a $27 fee per item
  • After 5 days of being overdrawn, a $5 daily fee will be assessed until your account is no longer negative
  • If you have money in your savings, DECU will transfer those funds to cover the overdraft for a fee of $4

How does my debit card work?

  • You can use your card 2 different ways
    • Credit
    • Debit
  • Debit – Use your PIN number
    • Automatically clears your account
    • Allows you to receive cash back
    • $600 daily limit
    • 5 times in one month for purchases and ATM withdrawals (foreign ATM) before a $1.50 fee is charged
  • Credit- Do not use your PIN number
    • Holds are placed against your account taking the funds from your available balance
    • No daily limit
    • Gas will typically only hold $1 so make sure the total purchase amount is accounted for in your account balance

How do I keep my Debit Card Number & PIN (Personal Identification Number) safe?

  • Check your account periodically to make sure you recognize the transactions & amounts clearing your account
    • If something seems to be off, please do not hesitate to call us or stop in
  • Don’t SHARE your PIN number with anyone and don’t write it down
  • Pick something no one else would guess
    • Stay away from Last 4 of SSN, Birthdays, Street Numbers

What happens if someone does get ahold of my card?

  • Contact DECU immediately
  • DECU can report your card lost/stolen so no one else can use it
  • If we happen to be closed, call 1-800-449-7728 to report your card lost/stolen
  • If there is fraudulent activity, you need to file a dispute(s) within 60 days of the original transaction date to get your money back.

Checkbook Balancer

There are tons of resources out there to help you balance your checkbook, but we've got something for you right here at your financial home.