Make a Payment

What cards are accepted?

You can pay with a Visa Debit Card, a Mastercard Debit Card, or a Mastercard Credit Card. Earthmover credit cards are not accepted.

What if I don’t have one of those credit cards that are accepted?

We can process a cash advance from another card for you inside any branch location. There may be fees associated with that from the other institution. We don’t process cash advances on Earthmover cards.

How much does it cost?

If you pay over the phone, the fee is $10. If you pay online, the fee is $7.50. You can make multiple payments at once, there is a fee per payment.

How can I avoid paying a fee when making a loan payment?

Set up ACH! Or give us a call.

Will my payment process the same day?

If you make your payment by 4:00pm the payment will process the same day. If you make your payment after 4:00pm the payment will process the next business day.

If I pay by card will I avoid the late payment fee?

If you make your payment before 4:00pm on your payment due date then your payment isn’t late and there will be no late payment fee. If you make your payment after 4:00pm on the due date it won’t be processed until the next business day so there will be a late payment fee.

What types of loans can I pay with this service?

You can pay any Earthmover loan including a personal loan, a car loan, a mortgage or home equity loan, or a credit card payment.

Do I have to be on the loan account to make the payment?

No, you don’t have to be on the account, but you will need some account information to complete the payment process.

Will I get a receipt for my payment?

You will receive an email notification once your payment is accepted.