Credit Card Details

What is a Token?
A token is a number substituted for a debit or credit card number. A unique token is created for every transaction. The token links to your card number, without ever sending your card information out. The token service can help improve security for transactions and reduce the risk associated with security breaches.

Is the thumb print recognition required? What happens if it is not working?
Yes. If needed you can enter your 4- digit security device code.

If a husband and wife have the same card number, can the card be loaded on different phones?
Yes. Two tokens will be associated with the card for the different devices.

Which of my cards am I able to use with Apple Pay?
Any EMV card can be added to Apple Pay. (Debit-consumer and business; All credit cards)

What merchants accept Apple Pay?
Anywhere you see the Apple Pay logo, the merchant is ready for you to use Apple Pay.

My card successfully added to Apple Pay, but is not working at merchants. What is wrong?
If your card has successfully been added, it could be the merchants machine is down. Or possibly something is wrong with your device. Try restarting it; make sure the merchant is running it as a credit; try holding the phone over the terminal for 3-5 seconds. Try again at another merchant/terminal.

What happens when I receive a new cards and my expiration has changed?
The old card with the old expiration needs to be deleted out of Apple Pay. The new card with the new expiration can then be added.

What happens if I lose my device?
Call 1-855-553-4291 to complete a suspension and/or un-suspend if the device is found. If the device is lost the token & card will be removed from the device.

What happens if I lose my card?

If the card is lost/stolen it can be reported as normal, by calling 1-800-449-7728. If you have a token within Apple Pay, it will delete it as part of their lost/stolen procedure. Once the token is deleted it CANNOT be re-added.