Don't let your credit score get in the way of owning your first car. Let Earthmover help you get there.

Earthmover wants to help first-time auto buyers get behind the wheel of a great car with better rates, despite not having a credit score.


  • No previous auto loans
  • No collections
  • No cosigner needed
  • No credit score

Vehicle restrictions:

  • Model year must be 7 years or newer
  • Under 100,000 miles

*Terms will vary depending on each individual's credit history. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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Indirect Dealers

Ask for Earthmover at the car dealership and the dealers in our network can process your loan right there.

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Check out our First-Auto Buyer rates:

Model year APR Estimated payment
2014 5.19% $189.58
2015 5.19% $189.58
2016 4.84% $187.98
2017 4.84% $187.98
2018 4.69% $187.30
2019 4.59% $186.84
2020-2021 4.54% $186.61

*Payments are based on a financed amount of $10,000, with a 60-month payment plan and no money down.

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