the holidays are expensive

Prepare for them with a Christmas Club.

Christmas comes at the same time each year, and yet it can still catch you off guard financially if you don't plan for it. Be ready for Christmas with an Earthmover Christmas Club.

Make deposits throughout the year either manually or set them up automatically with things like Spare Change Round Up. Then, on or around November 1st each year we will deposit the balance of your Christmas Club account, including your dividends, into your savings. The account will start over with your next deposit. Because no withdrawals are allowed from your Christmas Club, you can't be temped to steal from your own holiday savings!

Dividends are paid at the end of the last day of each month. Accounts closed before the payment of dividends won't receive any accrued dividends.

Christmas Clubs

In 2023 members saved a total of $960,797.15 in their Christmas Club accounts! That's a lot of presents!

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