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Can you ever have too much?

Savings Account – $5 minimum balance - Deposit money in there that you’re not planning to spend right now.

HINT - If you happen to overdraw your checking account we will transfer money from your savings to your checking in $100 increments (for a $4 fee). So, it’s a good idea to keep a balance of at least $109 in savings ($5 minimum + $100 overdraft transfer + $4 overdraft transfer fee).

Monthly Escrow Account - Usually used for mortgage and Visa payments. From each paycheck a portion of your monthly payment goes into this account so that the whole payment will be in there when it’s due. If you get paid twice a month then half of your payment amount would be deposited in this account each payday. You are not allowed to make withdrawals from this account because you’re going to need that money for your next payment.

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