We'll Meet You There

A new year means new priorities. But, whatever they are and however they change, ours remain the same.

A new year means new priorities.

Maybe that means cleaning up post-holiday debt and committing to a healthy savings plan.   Maybe it’s looking forward to a sea-side vacation, finally building that dream kitchen, or planning a spring wedding.

Whatever your priorities are in the new year, Decatur Earthmover’s priority remains the same: to provide you with exceptional products and services. Meeting your needs today, ready to do it all over again tomorrow. 

Decatur Earthmover Credit Union: We’ll meet you there. 

Platinum Visa

One card. Two reward choices. You choose your reward based on how you want to use your card.

0% Visa

You read that right. A credit card with no interest... Dreams DO come true!

Student Visa

High school or college, start establishing a credit history now! We're here to make life easier through school and beyond.