First Line Fraud Defense

Fraud can happen at any time, so we want to make sure you're notified at any time.

We do our best to monitor and prevent fraud, but it’s not always enough. When fraud does happen, the sooner we can catch it, the better. That’s why DECU offers real-time automated fraud alerts.

Our Automated Fraud Alerts immediately alert your mobile device through a text message and/or an automated phone call whenever a potentially suspicious activity occurs on your credit and/or debit card. If you recognize the transaction, you can simply reply to the text and go on with your day. If you do not recognize the transaction, you’ll be prompted to call Fraud Detection and cancel the card immediately. If a fraudulent charge does occur, with Automated Fraud Alerts we can stop any more charges from occurring within minutes.

Sign up for Automated Fraud Alerts here and join the first line of defense against fraud.