Less Interest = More Principal

Make more of a dent in your credit card balances with each payment.

Check Your Rate

Next time you get a credit card statement in the mail check and see what interest rate you are paying. If it is a higher rate than you are paying on your Earthmover Visa, why not move that balance over? Then each time you make your payment less will go to interest and more will go towards reducing the balance.

If you are a current Earthmover Visa cardholder you can complete the form below to transfer up to three credit card balances to your Earthmover Visa. Here's how it works:

  • We will take your information and write checks to pay the other credit card companies
  • There is no fee and no change in your annual percentage rate
  • Finance charges begin accruing the day the checks are issued.

If you prefer, you can call 1-800-654-7728 and give them all the same info over the phone.

Click here to learn more about reducing debt.

Don't have an Earthmover Visa? Click here to learn more.

By choosing to submit this form, you are authorizing Decatur Earthmover to transfer the listed balances to your credit card at Decatur Earthmover Credit Union and are bound by the Terms and Conditions sent to you with your credit cards.