Be in the Know

Everything we ever want to know is at our fingertips. Info about your accounts should be no different.

Keeping up with the Transactions

You want to know what's going on with your money. How would you like to get a text when your payroll is deposited? Would you like to have your balance texted to you each morning? Wouldn't you like to know if someone makes fraudulent charges to your account?

Sign up, you can receive either a text, email, or a text & email when something you are interested in happens to your checking, such as:

  • Daily Balance - Every morning you'll know how much is in your checking to start the day.
  • Debit Authorizations - A notice each time your debit card is swiped. Shows $1 at gas pumps and the actual amount at stores - usually before you get back to your car. If it wasn't you who used your card you can report it before the fraudster drains your checking.
  • Deposits (3rd Party) - Find out as soon as you receive electronic deposits like paychecks, social security checks, etc.
  • Electronic - Notification of the amount each time something electronic clears your account like a purchase, an online bill pay payment, an automatic withdrawal, etc. Also includes when a check clears your account.
  • Low Balance (checking) - When your balance drops to the amount you set, you'll be notified. This gives you a chance to take action before a transaction is returned for insufficient funds and you are charged a fee.
  • Loan Payments - You choose how many days in advance you want to receive a loan payment reminder for your Earthmover loans
  • Loan Rates - When our loan rates change we will notify you.
  • Logins - Notification each time your account is logged into through mobile banking
  • News - We can alert you to important information
  • Newsletters - Receive an alert when the new issue of the newsletter is available online.
  • Share Rates – You’ll be notified when our savings rates changes.

To sign up for any or all eAlerts be sure to do the following:

  1. Sign in to mobile banking
  2. Click on the 3 bars in the upper left hand corner
  3. Select "Alerts" in the menu and choose which alerts you wish to receive


You can also stop by any of our locations or call 875-2301 to set up your eAlerts.

Set up eAlerts for your credit card in mobile banking so you can catch fraud the moment it happens.