Autism Awareness Month

What can I do?

This month is Autism Awareness Month and DECU would like to share with you in saying that I think is so important when it comes to raising awareness of autism. Every person you meet with autism is unique and different to the next. People don’t understand that it is a spectrum disorder and affects people in different ways. Let’s face it, we shouldn’t have to raise awareness of autism, but awareness is key in understanding and acceptance. If you would like to raise awareness here are some things, you can do during Autism Awareness Month…

  1. Learn & Share information about Autism Safety – Be AWAARE!
  2. Become involved with the National Autism Association’s Move Autism Forward to help all autistic people have a voice
  3. Attend an autism awareness event in your area.
  4. Go to a Bakery that is celebrating autism awareness month.
  5. Watch a video about positive behavioral and visual supports. Learn about the behavior-communication link
  6. Support a business for people with autism or other developmental disabilities such as Macon Resources.